The problem is...

You give so much to everyone else, sometimes you forget to give to yourself.

You feel stuck in your own goals & growth. You want something more...but aren't sure how to do it.

you're running on auto-pilot

Repeating the daily motions of life

but not fully living in the heart and happiness you really want to.

Whatever it is, you know there’s more in you and something is missing...but you aren’t sure what to do about it.

It's time to


Together we figure out what's standing in your way of living in the confidence and happiness you truly want and go to work to create it.

Years of giving and loving and lifting everyone else is part of the incredible woman you are. But somewhere along the way, you’ve let go of giving to the most important person in your life...YOU!

Now it’s your turn.

As women,

we sometimes think

the most loving thing

we can do...

is put everyone we care about in front of us.

We put our needs and dreams on the back burner

in order to help everyone else fulfill theirs.

It’s part of who you are and the beautiful

heart you have.

But helping the people you love reach their potential

doesn’t have to come at the cost of reaching yours!

You can love and lift others….while loving and lifting yourself.

You are meant

for JOY.

Every page has created the incredible spirit within you.

Our work together will help you embrace all of it

and uncover the woman you're truly meant to be.

I've got you.

Let's find your light.


Jille has such a genuine love and radiates it in everything she does.

There is compassion, empathy and understanding that naturally exudes in every breath she takes. Because of that, I’m able to confide my biggest fears, my deepest pain and my happiest moments with her knowing I won’t be judged.

At the end of our sessions I’m left feeling at peace and armed with the direction needed to move forward with joy.

Jille validated my thoughts & feelings when I felt no one else understood. She saw me for ME and let me know it was okay I was feeling what I was feeling, and that I wasn’t crazy! She was genuine, non-judgemental, loving and uplifting.

Jille makes people feel safe to be vulnerable. She is a shining light in a world where people feel their darkest.