Loving Yourself is an Inside Job

November 22, 2021

The thing about losing weight is you’re the same person wearing a different size of clothes.

If you don’t learn how to love yourself now, you won’t love yourself then.

Loving yourself is an inside job. We love ourselves from the inside OUT…not the outside IN.

Our feelings about who we truly are come from our thoughts. Not our circumstances.

Not from our money. 

Not from our house.

Not from our relationships.

Not from our jobs or kids or what we look like.

This is true because there are plenty of people out there who have a lot of money, live in a huge house and are miserable.

There are plenty of people who have good jobs and friends and family who care about them that end up taking their own lives.

There are plenty of beautiful women who live in thin bodies and have very little self worth.

If we think we’ll love ourselves and be proud of ourselves WHEN our circumstance changes….we will always be waiting. We’ll always be looking for that person or job or number on the scale that finally validates we are worthy and worthy of loving ourselves.

But circumstances do not create love. 

WE do.

What do you think you will feel when you finally reach your desire?

Proud? Abundant? Loved?

If you want to feel proud, how can you start feeling proud of yourself NOW? What are you proud of yourself for?

If you want to feel abundant, how can you start noticing the abundance in your life right now, this very moment? No matter what your financial situation is?

If you want to love your body, how can you start loving things she does for you right NOW? The things she’s done for you today? What has she given you and made possible in your life?

When we start to change the way we think about our life, our bodies and ourselves…the lens we are looking through will begin to shift. 

Instead of looking at life through the lens of what we don’t like and don’t have, we start seeing what we DO. 

We start noticing the good in our body and ourselves because that’s what we are looking for. 

Those good things were always there…we just couldn’t see them.

When we start generating love and appreciation and gratitude for who we are on the INSIDE…that’s when we’ll start making changes on the outside that last. 

And you won’t make the changes from a place of “I’ll love myself when I get there”….because you already DO. 

That love isn’t waiting for you at the end of your journey….it’s what takes you there.

It’s within you right now  You just get to choose to start seeing it.


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