Hi, I’m Jille

I help women feel confident in food, their bodies and themselves.

And it works doesn’t it?

It’s like there were TWO of me. The me who cared and the me who didn’t.

And no matter how many times I resolved to change it...how many times I grounded myself from bread or chocolate for so many days or weeks or even months....it always came back.

The me who didn’t care would eventually win.

And the me who did care would cry.

And you know what the worst part was? It wasn’t the crappy way I physically felt and felt about myself, though those were huge.

The worst part was this secret I carried.

What I now know

...is how we feel about our bodies and ourselves has little to do with what size we are on the OUTSIDE and everything to do with what we believe on the inside.

I am proof of that.

And until you understand what’s going on inside, the changes you make on the outside won’t last.

The diets, the will power....whatever external force you are using eventually wears off as old habits of eating resurface because you don’t know how to do it differently.


Each of our bodies are unique


Whether you have 5 pounds to lose or 50

the core reasons we struggle are the same and the way out is available to every one of us!

Know what loving your body truly feels like!

Be free of feeling helpless, guilty or ashamed.

Look and feel the way you want to.

You are worthy of every good thing.

show me how!

Kind Words

"Jille is so non-judgemental because she has been there. She fought the food battles and knows how to help."

- Candace K. / TEXAS