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I was great at withholding love for my body until she “fit” what I (and society) deemed as good enough. Jille taught me to shift my thinking from what my body looks like on the outside to what she can do and how she feels. I had never even taken this into consideration before. She taught me to separate my emotions from food and see food in a way that I can make clear-headed decisions that feel good.

Rocki B.


Tia G.


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Cherry D.


Though I always knew I had a “problem” with emotional eating, Jille identified what it was, why I had it and gave me the steps to move past it. She was very intuitive with my specific needs, listened so well and really thought about me.

She opened my eyes to thoughts and beliefs I didn’t even know I had or why I had them. She opened doors for me that had been closed. She uncovered the thoughts holding me back that I was able to decide I didn’t want anymore! Jille enabled me to see different perspectives which led to change. She offered me support emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Daniella J.


I struggled with feeling controlled by carbs for years. I knew I was addicted but didn’t know how to change it. I would try to stop but the cravings would be too much to deal with and I’d eventually give in. I really didn’t think I could change even though I wanted to. Jille was the answer I’d been looking for! She taught me how to disarm my cravings by not fighting against them like I had for years. She helped me stop fighting against and sabotaging myself. I was able to let go of the addiction by actually changing my desire for these foods, which I never thought was possible! The best part is I can still have them when I decide to, but I'M in control...not the food!

Lynn G.


I wanted to lose weight for a long time and hadn’t been able to do it.

I’d tried so many things and felt so discouraged. Working with Jille changed that for me. I learned how to eat in a way which changed my hunger. She helped me think about things I hadn’t ever thought about before...why I was sabotaging myself and how my emotions triggered my eating. I learned how I could use my higher brain power to keep on track and honor myself! I’ve lost over 25 lbs and am on my journey to lose more. I loved coaching one on one with Jille because I knew she really cared about me.

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I’ve worked with therapists on and off for years, but working with a life coach was a game changer for me!

Jille was able to help me with real-time issues...the hour I spent with her became my favorite hour of the week.

Jille and I had instant chemistry. She is authentic and intuitive. She gave me the confidence I needed to be my best self.

After my first month with Jille, my husband, family and friends noticed “something different” about me. I can truly thank Jille for this.

I am eternally grateful for her and look forward to working with her again in the future!


I have regained love for myself, self confidence & an identity I’m proud of.

I am now literally living a life I love.

Reaching out to Jille turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’d been in grief counseling and receiving EMDR therapy after suffering the sudden and unexpected loss of my husband of 28 years. Both types of therapy were very much needed at the time and the first stepping stones on my path of healing. However, after six or so months, I realized that I wanted to quit focusing on the past, the grief, the loss, the trauma….and start considering what my future could look like.

Enter Jille. Life coaching was exactly what I needed to switch my focus from the past and begin creating the life I wanted after loss. With Jille’s loving guidance I have found the courage and strength to face my fears and the ability to work through them.

I am now literally living a life I love because of her willingness to guide, coach and love me through my thoughts, fears, feelings and actions. I am remarried to a wonderful man and have a future that holds endless love, joy and happiness. I have the tools to work through challenges and face the hard stuff with new skills that bring light and clarity to each situation.

A few years ago I left my career to care for my special needs daughters. With the transition I became lost. I was depressed, anxious, lonely, lacking self-esteem and just felt stuck.

Working with Jille has been the best thing I’ve done for myself in such a long time! She helped me step by step through the process and gave me tools that essentially changed my way of thinking and expanded my perspective.

I have regained love for myself, self confidence and an identity I’m proud of. Working on myself has strengthened my marriage and my relationships with family and friends. I am full of love and happiness again! Not only is she my coach, but she has become a friend.

If you're looking for a change, I highly recommend Jille! You won't regret it.





I was nervous to take such a deep look into who I really am and find all the things that were “wrong”.

I wasn’t sure I wanted to be so open and vulnerable in front of someone else. But I am so glad I put my fears aside!

Jille really helped me understand myself and why I was doing things I didn’t want to do and how to change. She was so encouraging and taught me a lot throughout our time together. I benefited greatly with her coaching and now have a strong foundation to keep me going.

Jille didn’t try to fix my problems, she did something better. She helped me help myself.

She listened (such a great listener) and pointed out the thinking errors getting in my way. She stayed there with me until I really got it. She led me to new ways to think, feel and act and improve my relationship with myself. What I liked best is how she always showed up with so much love and compassion. I always felt better after coaching with Jille!

I started life coaching not knowing where it could take me or what I would learn. Jille worked through ANY problem I needed and had incredible insight.

Jille would talk me through whatever issue I brought to her and gave me a new perspective to make decisions and believe in myself. I’m so grateful to Jille and all I learned from life coaching!




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