The Food God Created was Always Meant for the Body God Created

November 22, 2021

The food God created was always meant for the body God created.

In our modern world full of ultra processed foods, we sometimes forget this simple truth. We move away from foods that come from the earth and depend on foods that come from a box or drive-through because it feels easy and, truthfully, we’ve just plain gotten used to it.  

But our bodies were never meant to eat “man-made” foods. They were designed to eat what nature makes.

I believe God created nature and I believe He created me.

One day this just hit me. In the middle of my carb & sugar addiction and my prayers to figure out a solution, the thought came to me one morning that the food that God created will give me the BODY God created. My body as it was meant to be…in her truest, natural form.

Healthy, beautiful, strong….able to do the things I am meant to do with vibrancy and life. 

Moving away from fake & processed foods and moving towards whole, natural foods allowed my body and mind to release my sugar addiction and live under the leadership of my spirit…which is where everything I truly want comes from.

It took time and patience to let go of my old eating habits and create new ones, and it’s something I consistently work on. But nature’s nourishment allows me to be the master of my body instead of the slave! 

This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t or can’t ever have refined sugar or processed foods. There’s a time and place for all foods that we enjoy! But when we shift our focus to putting whole foods into our body first and foremost, we’ll start to feel the difference. It’s not only what we were designed to run on…it’s what our bodies and minds THRIVE on.

I believe God created his food in so much love.

I invite that love, in the form of food, each day into my body to heal me. To strengthen and sustain my body and mind the way it was always intended to.

God’s food is his gift to me. I choose to invite more of this gift into my life. 


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